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Community Ambassadors in Science Exploration (CASE) was a program of PISEC (Philadelphia/Camden Informal Science Education Collaborative), which has a ten-year history of museum-community collaboration.




Based on the previous research and programs of PISEC, CASE was a new model for encouraging the appreciation and understanding of science among a diverse set of local communities.

The CASE program involved:

 • recruiting and training a corps of teen and adult science presenters
 • a set of hands-on learning experiences for families of varied ages and backgrounds
 • a regional network of museum-community collaboration
 • integration of community and museum resources through joint programming
 • and a longitudinal research study of program impacts

CASE served over 15,000 people during its four years, with peer-presented family learning opportunities and museum experiences. In addition, CASE trained a total of 144 Science Ambassadors who offered science workshops at community-based organizations in the languages spoken by their member families.

Both participants and science ambassadors were enthusiastic about the program. They valued the workshops that emphasized experiencing science in a hands-on, engaging way and the museum events which helped families feel like they were part of a privileged community of knowledgeable visitors.

The “In Their Own Voices” publication presents interviews with people whose long-term involvement with the PISEC program has been life-changing. Most started as participants, with or without friends and family, and over time became PISEC leaders.